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Innovation & Quality



We believe the quality begins with the premium materials.


To meet with the toughest drilling condition, our products are made of special steels specially developed and applied to aircraft and automotive industry.


Tungsten Carbide is also one of the important part of button bit, as it is directly striking the rock and penetrate into the ground. We give a keen attention in selecting the right TC inserts suitable for the various rock formations in order to guarantee the best penetration rates and durable product life.




Our product development are in line with our customers. We listen to their needs on their markets and specific projects, and bring the words and feedback to our design, research, and development.

Our new products go though the test in the lab but the most important process is testing at the job sites where we monitor and collect the performance data which reflect to the new products. Those interactive process is  accumulated in our technology to drill the future together with our customers.

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